Maintenance & Refurbishing

560_electrical_sign_service_Soledad_King_CityAable Signs is home of the most affordable sign maintenance, refacing, and refurbishing in the Baltimore/Washington area.

With the weather and sun beating down on your sign over the years, colors tend to fade and peel, and parts of your sign can rust or break. Aable Signs can restore your sign to like new condition and replace any part of the sign that is beyond repair.

When your sign is the first a customer sees when they arrive at your business, you want it to be clean and bright and a reflection of how you run your business.

Aable Signs and Lighting can also retrofit your sign to LED while we are on site doing any maintenance or refurbishing. LED’s consume less power, require less maintenance, perform better and last longer then fluorescent and neon technologies. LED lifespan is more then double conventional sign lighting and will pay for itself in energy and maintenance savings. In most cases ROI is 24-36 months.